A gateway is opening. And beyond it lies a place where possibilities are abound. A first of its kind business ecosystem designed to propel businesses to new levels of profitability and growth. Welcome to Vittoria, the edge of infinity.


Doing business simply meant finding a place to set up shop and setting out to look for customers. While these time-honoured principles remain true and valid, time and technology shifts have radically influenced the way businesses are carried out in the modern, ever-changing marketplace. Vittoria, a forward-thinking Financial Centre, is envisioned to empower today’s smart business owners ahead of this very innovation curve.


"It's business nature to want to be POWERFUL. We are building the POTENTIAL."

Join some of the world's most prestigious organisations and financial institutions. Sell to thousands of ready customers. Stay connected and stay ahead with blazing internet speed. Realise the full potential of your business by leveraging on an abundance of resources and cutting edge infrastructure at Vittoria.


"Being in the centre of VIBRANCE wins customers. We are providing the VISIBILITY."

A key centrepiece of Aspen Vision City, a 250-acre masterplanned smart city, your business at Vittoria is poised to grow by leaps and bounds. Surrounded by renowned establishments that draw large, high value crowds. Vittoria's strategic location near the Second Penang Bridge also ensures unprecedented visibility.

Want an unfair advantage? Be in the centre of a RM10billion Smart City Masterplan

At Vittoria, the premises will adapt to your business needs, not the other way around. Designed with best practices and optimal efficiency in mind, business owners will be pleased to find functional yet highly productive work spaces ideal for the dynamic, fast-paced business.


"The priority in every business is to function EFFICIENTLY. We are designing with FLEXIBILITY."

Excited about plugging smart technology into your business? We bring the future forward to you with



Verdant surroundings not only nurture but sustain lifestyles and work cultures LAVISHLY.

We are committed to develop an environment that is LUSH with greenery.


Ready to move up, or even beyond the business value chain? Be the first to know about Vittoria - register your interest now.

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